Monday, October 29, 2012

Which Witch

My scariest friends are guarding the dining room door, 
hoping to frighten away Hurricane Sandy.
She is more terrifying than any ghosts or ghouls who are planning to come our way this Halloween!

But I don't think it's going to work!  
Two days ago my backyard trees looked like this:

And right now:

Mr. Fun, Nellie and I 
are tucked in and stocked up 

and we'll be thinking of all my friends, family
~~ and blogging buddies ~~


who are in the path of this monster storm!

Please be careful.

~~~ Which witch is you? ~~~ 
the good witch


  1. I love your cute collection of witches Linda! Rainy and very windy here so far, hard to think the worst of it will be while it's dark at night. Take care!

  2. Just saw your comment at the Back Porch. Stay safe! Been thinking about everyone over your way! Scary!!

    Thanks for the tip about the bark candles. Of course I am on my way to PB online for a look!

  3. Hang tight, Linda! I posted two photos of SI this morning, your hubby might like to see them. xo

  4. What a difference in the two tree photos! Hang on everyone! We're praying for you!

  5. Hi Linda! Your Byers' witches are so cute~ love one with the cat on her lap! I'm fearful for everyone in Sandy's path. We've had strong winds and we've been on the outer bands~ scary for everyone up your way with the rainfall, tides and full moon! Glad you have your provisions and your coven of witches to hopefully spell Sandy away~ Stay safe!

  6. So far we are safe and sound, Linda, but this hurricane is truly scary! Most of NYC has shut down. I hope you and your family will be safe!

  7. Love all your cute witches! Stay safe and my prayers are with all of you in the path of this horrible storm! Hugs, Linda

  8. Linda, wow, those trees sure got de-leafed quickly. Please stay safe! Glad you have your "friends" with you. I did not know that Buyer had Halloween dolls. They are so cute! Love your cat too. My husband in N. virginia. They were told not to come to work today or tomorrow. They lost power, but it came back. Good luck! Joni

  9. Linda, hope you and your family and covey of witches remain safe as this storm makes it way across the east coast.

  10. Good with Linda, what a fun group of Halloween friends you have. Your cat give a whole new meaning to "happy cat"!

  11. Linda~ I'm sorry to hear your witches weren't able to keep Sandy from playing nasty tricks on you. I hate to hear that you are still without power. We lost our power for a week during Hurricane Hugo but we didn't have to worry about 20 degree weather! I hope your snuggled up somewhere warm and your power is restored soon.

  12. Isn't it amazing how fast the season changes --- wait all hear for fall and then the leaves are gone!! Am enjoying this cooler weather though!!
    Love your witches!!

  13. We haven't seen the sun here since the Sandy hit. Our trees look like your do too. Lovely pictures!

  14. I can't believe how cute those are Linda!
    What great displays you have.
    I love my bag, it's just perfect and I posted about it too!
    Big Hugs,

  15. You decorations are very cute! I just stumbled upon your blog after reading about your LL Bean bag giveaway on Cindy's blog. Hope you made it through Sandy okay. Most of my family lives in southern Connecticut and I am thankful they made it through unscathed.

  16. I just found your blog and admired all your pictures. We still have many leaves on our trees down here and it will be in the mid 70s today – I hope that you escaped Sandy and are doing OK.

  17. Hi Linda~ I hope you have had your power restored so you are able to cook a turkey next week! Thinking about you and hope you're doing OK.


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